Monday, August 24, 2009

Nikko Sushi + Restaurant 62 + sagano pics

I was talking to my father about the asian restaurants in abby, and it's funny how we somehow know the owners (or old owner) one way or another (Except flaming wok and some japanese restaurants.. apparently no one knows flaming wok. weird). what a little little town.

Nikko Sushi on Urbanspoon Anyways, we went to Nikko Sushi, where my father used to know the previous owners until they sold it to a group of korean individuals who also own other japanese restuarants in abby. it is a very tiny sushi restaurant near near master lee (where all 80% abby kids has been to to learn tkd. yes, I was one of them HAHA)

The restuarant is very very small and dark. a little stuffy as well, but had a good amount of customers. The whole place was ran by ladies and there were featured rolls all over the restaurant. I decided on ordering the takoyaki, doubld crunch dynamite roll, calamari roll, and las vegas roll. They definitely had some innovative sushi. I really liked it.

The takoyaki was soft with a little squid in the middle. Very good. The rolls were crazy! First came the calamari roll.. although it wasn't rolled very good, the ingredients inside was ample. I've never had fried squid in my sushi but it was delicious. Next was the double crunch dynamite roll.. that said it was deep fried. I thought they were just going to fry a bit of the outer or something, but no no. the whole sushi was actually deep fried in tempura batter. insane. inside tasted like a normal dynamite roll.. but honestly, the WHOLE thing deep fried?? that takes it to a whole other level. The las vegas roll featured sashimi and yam tempura inside. Very good as well. The last two rolls had hot sauce served with it. REALLY SPICY!

I think this place is my 2nd fave in abby, I still like Sagano more.. which I went to recently again. Before Sagano, was a chinese restaurant that my parents knew the owners of, that didn't do so stellar due to the location. Surprisingly, my parents don't know the sagano owners (know the waitress) but my best friend does. it's not even 6 degrees of separation, it's like 2 degrees of separation with all restaurants in the valley.

Anyways, we ordered bc ball (takoyaki without squid) but nikko was better. and the panda roll (with crab meat on TOP of the sushi) and another roll that I don't remember the name of, but very good because it had eggplant, tomato, and some other stuff! the oyako don wasn't very good though. Also, this restaurant's kitchen is Exceptionally Clean. I have never seen such a spotless kitchen. It's amazing.

My friend from richmond came and I thought we should try restaurant 62.. if only I could find it. Honestly, I've never had to give directions in the valley and let's just say we spent 40 min driving into farmlands and Marshall Road with him questioning whether or not I was actually from abby. lol. oops.

Restaurant 62 on Urbanspoon I've been to r62 once before I didn't like. It was for brunch and my omelette looked like a freaking pizza. But I decided to go here, because he vetoed goin to penang.. thinking it's too bizarre how a restaurant can be both szchewan and malaysian at the same time LOL I don't know. I wanted to try though.

The restaurant is very beautiful. A little dark, but sophisticated. There is an open kitchen you have to walk through to get to the dining area. I ordered the 62 sampler (of tiger prawns, tuna, and lamb chops). friend had duck. The duck was very good. it was tender and seared perfectly. The sampler was just o-k.. for 28 dollars, i don't know if it's worth it? there were just 2 prawns, the fish was okay, and the lamb was too tough. The mashed potatoes was really good though.. I also appreciated how all the ingredients were fresh, it definitely does make things better.

The restaurant is great for dates, and many people were dressed up. Wow, didn't I feel like a scrub. Since I thought we were gonna go to Penang! oi!