Thursday, August 6, 2009

Burgoo (main/lonsdale) and Lattitude

I just found out that there used to be a restaurant on kingsway called pho bich nga. HAHAHA. too bad I didn't get to go before they shut down.

Burgoo (Main Street) on Urbanspoon Burgoo is seriously the home of comfort food. Slow cooked meats, hearty bowls of soup and sandwiches, bread pudding.. biscuits.. mashed potatoes.. need I say more?? I've always wanted to come here but everytime I attempted, it was extremely busy. so I went at 5. that should do it.

We sat outside to people watch (or really, watch the couple sitting in their car at bo kong until the restaurant opened :D something that I have done recently), and ordered the biscuits, a kentucky burgoo, and irish stew. The biscuits were soft and warm and went great with our dishes. However, I found the kentucky burgoo too bitter.. too much garlic?? or something. The taste would be better if it was seasoned lighter. I also realized I don't like okra.. for a while I thought someone spat in my food. ...

Burgoo (Lonsdale) on Urbanspoon So I didn't really have a great experience at Burgoo and have basically sort of written it off, until I ventured to North Van and we were looking for a plae to eat. It was, once again, like 5:30ish so lots of places were empty. Gutso is too expensive.. district looked really empty.. raglans looked cool and casual, but I wanted to sit outside and it was all occupied, and anatoli had a private function (although the waiter and chef there are definitely very friendly.. :D) so we settled on Burgoo.. as long as we didn't order the kentucky. The restuarant is smaller but had the same rustic feel. We sat outside again (I hate sitting inside.. bad lighting and usually dark), and shared the strong lemonade. it was so good! You can taste the alcohol, but it was so thirst quenching that I finished a glass in like 2 minutes. and moved onto the second one.. and the next one.. if alcohol didn't make me pee so much and I didn't have to sit through a 2 1/2 hour musical right after, I would have drank the whole pitcher.. anyways..

we ordered the foundumental (?) fondue. it came with apples, bread, grapes, and tomatoes. While my friend loved it with the bread, I found the bread to be a littly stale.. I think I like it when they toasted the bread, instead of serving it normal. so I ate mostly the apples.

We shared a butter chicken, that was very flavourful. I didn't know what to expect ordering an indian dish, but it was a good choice. There were ample amounts of chicken and potatoes and it had a great sauce. Definitely a filling meal for the two of us!

So.. I thinkI have come to the conclusion that Burgoo is a good place to go, if you order the right things :)

After Burgoo on Main, we ventured to Latittude to share a few desserts.. the passionfruit mousse and a panna cotta.. the mousse was wayyy too sweet. I couldn't even eat it after the first few bites, it sure was pretty though.

This next 6 days is going to be CRAZY for me (exams/packing/farewells), so if I am slow, I am sorry! I will hopefully get 1-2 more posts in!!