Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hej Hej! I am now in the land of ikea, H&M, and volvos! It is truly truly beautiful here and I have just been trying to enjoy every moment of it. Lots of bicycles and little cars.. Lots of walking in the middle of the streets and cobblestones!! This quaint little town is a definite change from the tall buildings and traffic filled streets of Vancouver!

Unfortunately, I have not taken any pictures whatsoever of my food here in Sweden, because all I have been eating are falaffels (who knew there were so many middle eastern places in this town??) and pasta..

I think I am definitely getting a culture shock here, I am not used to any of these street names and they just look like jibberish to me. I mean, althelgona kyrkog. ... really?? really???? or filippavagen. My goodness. The first day, I think I took the bus all the way to another town. What a stressful time. But I am sort of determined to master this language.. so hopefully I'll get it!

I went to London and it was very nice. Suntanned in front of westminster abbey with big ben telling me the time. no biggie. just a normal day. haha ;) The food was okay- since I was on a budget (like.. 8 dollars or less), I really had to look for the cheap eats. which I will write about soon

Copenhagen is beautiful. The people are stunning, I don't understand how this is possible. Something in the water? The town is a little small, and language just as confusing but nonetheless astonishing.

Alright, I am off to explore again. this was just a quick update.. and when I have real time, I shall finish my vancouver foodie escapades (the list on the left)! Hejda!