Saturday, September 5, 2009

Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot, Boston, Flo Tea House, + Alleluia Cafe

Before I left, I went to many asian places.. so here is a condensed review of all of them at once! This is definitely more of a piccy post so get ready to drool. haha

Han Ju Tofu hot pot is a small shop attached to Crystal mall. The room itself is very minimal and bare. The food is based on tofu hot pots and some rice dishes. There are some pictures of them on the menu. We ordered the seafood hotpot and a korean bbq rice dish. Wow, oily much?? the rice was just all oil. It obviously tasted good, but most likely not good for me. The hot pot was adequate.. nothing special. I think I prefer the ones at Sasaya bistro more on Royal oak.. I guess this place is good if you are in the vicinity and need a quick/cheap eat.

Boston Steakhouse on Urbanspoon Boston is a relatively big, more upper scale hk cafe in Richmond. When we went, there were a ton of people inside. We managed to get a seat pretty quickly. The menu was pretty big with various chinese/western chinese dishes. They also have mini stone grills. I don't remember how much, but they did seem a little expensive. I just got a mini stone grill for lamb chops and we also ordered noodles and laksa. The stone grill came with a bun and lobster bisque. The bisque was nice, but nothing amazing. The bun was warm and soft. The mini stone grill came with vegetables and spaghetti (covered in lots of oil). The lamb chops were okay, but there were only two pieces. The noodles were surprisingly tasty. I like this hk cafe, give it a try if you are in richmond.

Flo tea house is down granville street by The place. Inside is very spacious with lots of seating. There are many many drinks to choose from. Sometimes there are so many choices I don't even know which one to choose. I personally don't like ordering drinks at restaurants because then I have to pee (esp before an hour long car ride) but when I see such a large drinks menu, I can never resist. For food, we ordered the noodles and a portugese chicken. Damn did the noodles come in a large enough bowl. The food was fair for a hk diner. The noodles weren't that great but the chicken was fine. I think I was more impressed by the ambience of the restaurant and their drinks menu than the food..

Alleluia Cafe.. I've been here many years ago when it was under different management. The restaurant was very packed when we went and we were seated after about 10 minutes. They have mix and match meals where you can choose two different food with a side and a sauce. I had the beef short ribs with chicken wings and yam fries and a sauce that I don't remember. We also ordered the beef brisket noodles that came surprisingly fast. the beef brisket was tender and the noodles were very good. My mix and match was just ok. I found the beef short ribs to be too fatty and chicken wings too small. The yam fries weren't very good either.