Monday, September 14, 2009

Coco et Olive, Deacon's Corner, White Spot

Coco Et Olive on Urbanspoon Coco et Olive Fine foods is located on Broadway close to ubc area. It is a quaint little restaurant full of homemade quiches, soups, sandwiches, and desserts. Upon Arrival, the place had a few seats left, but as I waited for my friend, the room filled up super quick. Finally, there was only one table left outside that we had to bring chairs from inside out.

You order and pay inside first then you sit down. Looking at the menu, I decided to order the tomato and garlic quiche, and a fruit tart. Only to have the server look at me quizzically.. fruit..ta-rt? she pointed at random cake, only to have me point at the menu behind her. She quickly asks another man only to have him look at me quizzically as well. Am I being weird for ordering off the menu? After asking the baker/cook, we find out there's no more fruit tarts left.. :( So I ordered bread pudding instead.

My friend ordered the lemongrass soup and some dessert, only to have quizzical looks given to him once again. so had a lonely macaroon.

We sat down and the food arrives. Although my quiche looked ugly, it was very tasty. I also liked my cake. The lemongrass soup was definitely different. We were expecting vietnamese tastes, but it was very lemony. The macaroon was hard.

I like this place, it would be great for lunch. Just maybe look at what is on the counter and on the shelves to order, not from the menu.

Deacon's Corner on Urbanspoon Deacon's Corner is a diner in Gastown by Alibi Room. I had ventured here once before only to find the place way too packed and I was way too hungry to wait. After watching many diners drive ins and dives, I was itching to go to a diner and glad I had a chance to before I left.
I ordered the biscuits and sausages and friend had the french toast. The biscuits and sausage came with hashbrowns, which were honestly, the best hashbrowns I've ever had. I usually leave them untouched at IHOP but I ate every last scrap of it. I don't even know why because they are just potatoes, but my god, they were delicious. The biscuits with the sauce and sausages were delicious too, but just a little too filling for me after a couple bites. The hashbrowns were my highlight.

There were a ton of french toast on that plate. The fruit compote that came along with it was the highlight of that dish.

Overall, I really like this place for breakfast and everyone should try it out! the owners also own Cobre up the street, which is another one of my favorites and another place all vancouverites should try =)

I don't usually go to chain restaurants but I went to Whitespot because it was close to the school and transit. The last time I went, I shared the "mountain" cream puffs which unforuntately did not compare to the picture shown on the menu. We were expecting a mountain, and got 6 sad little cream puffs. grrr.

Here, I ordered the turkey sandwich because, it had stuffing turkey and cranberry sauce. Although I don't celebrate thanksgiving, I LOVE turkey stuffing and cranberry sauce. This sandwich to me was obviously the winner. Unforunately, it tasted like absolute crap. I don't remember much of this sandwich because it was unmemorable and I think I was forcing myself to finish it up at the end. I think it was all the damn gravy sauce, made the whole sandwich extremely disgusting. Friends had fish and chips, club sandwich, and burger, which were also all neutral.