Saturday, October 3, 2009

Afghan Horseman, Kakurenbou, Edge, Ebisu

Afghan Horsemen on Urbanspoon Afghan Horseman has been on my go to list since I began to eat out in vancouver. Things always came up that caused me to postpone going here, but I knew knew knew I had to come here before I left. As the days before I left came closer and closer, I realized there were many people I still had to say bye to. So going to Afghan Horseman was actually right after my turkey sandwich at White spot, so I was pretty full..

but that did not stop us from ordering the Afghan Horseman Platter, to share with one other friend. We also ordered a drink for two, which we drank from a huge bowl with long straws. But I accidentally knocked my friend's straw out and had the whole drink to myself :D I was tipsy, so it was good times.

First came the appetizer, which was humus and a salad with some pita bread. Delicious delicious. Then the main dish was Boneless Chicken Breast Shish Kebab, Lamb Shish Kebab, Lamb Shoulder, Baked Rice, Baked Eggplant, Dolmah (cabbage roll), Pakawra, & Chaka. *yes I took that right off the website, because I don't remember what I ate 2 months ago*

Since I was bloody full from disgusting white spot, I only ate some bits of the food and I can comment that the rice and potatoes were very very very good! Man, reminiscing about this is making me drool.. because the last couple days, I've been eating not so fresh pasta salads and a shit of a lot free hamburgers. The lamb shoulder and lamb shish kebab (too full for the chicken) were very tender and flavorful.

Now I wish I could go back in time and eat everything else, yes I am also very hungry atm.

The restaurant is nice, the servers are also very nice, asking us how we found the restaurant and if we have been there before blahblah. I will definitely come back again.

The night before my birthday/leaving day, I went to Kakurenbou for a quick dinner because zakkushi was too busy. Kakurenbou is an izakaya restaurant near Robson street. It was pretty full, so we sat at the bar and ordered a couple of dishes. Everything sounded great but prices were pretty high... we ordered the croquette and chips, chicken karrage, a mexican pizza (which was just tortilla with cheese and onions on top I believe), and horse sashimi.. I have never tried, and was excited to. The food came surprisingly fast. Horse sashimi was first, and it was very small. The sashimi tasted a little like beef, but with a more buttery taste. The mexican pizza was not very good at all. it was bland and just very oniony. The karaage was very plain, and the croquette and chips also very plain. Croquette was bland.
I think that peresonally, everything sounded better on the menu, but the food fell short of amazing.

Afterwards, I headed over to Edge to have final drinks/dinner with some others. The restaurant is pretty spacious, we sat outside where the heaters were. friends ordered a flat bread that was apparently very good. I had a couple yummy martinis. Usually I find them too strong, but they aren't here at all. The server was really nice, except I think he was making fun of my accent (when I say words with am/an, I say it very country/hick like.. like d-eaann-ce.. so I ordered a jammy jam (or in my case, a jeammy jeaaaamm) and he came over and either talked JUST LIKE me or was mocking me. It's not my fault, I don't know where this accent came from. haha.
I recommend this restaurant for pre drinks/dinner before clubbing.

Finally, I met up with some other friends at speakeasy and went off to ebisu for some drinks and late night snacks. Since it was my birthday at midnight, we had shot for shots and a slice of chocolate cake, which came and they blared a birthday song on the speakers.. which was actually a little embarassing. We also ordered some yummy yam fries and another fried food I cannot remember. I have actually blogged about ebisu wayyyy too much.. need to try other places..