Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cafe Medina + others

Cafe Medina on Urbanspoon I went for brunch at Cafe Medina awhile ago. This place sure is busy and crowded on the weekends. The room isn't very big but it was cozy. I ordered the tortilla and friend had the tagine. I wanted to try everything on the menu, they all sounded delicious!

The food was nicely presented and sure was filling. My tortilla didn't look that big, but it was filled with a bunch of delicious ingredients.. I can't remember much of it anymore but I vaguely remember eating sausage, shrimp, other vegetables, etc.. The Tagine looked great as well. I saw someone with hard boiled egg and some bread etc, and it looked sooo good. Then the people right next to us saw our food and said they wanted what we ordered. maybe that's why they want everyone to be so close together :P so everyone can order everything :P:)
Afterwards, we ordered a couple waffles. They were around 3 dollars and you can choose from a list of toppings. We chose lavender chocolate and fruit compote. Both were very delicious!
I think I found a new fave brunch place. Although they hurried us out at the end, we were taking our sweet ass time. sorry.

We ventured over to Salsa & Agave hoping to have a margarita before our biking adventures (hey, why not. it'll make it more exciting). They weren't licensed but the owner offered some juices instead. I didn't know which one to choose (between a milky flavored one and a fruity one) so she gave us some samples. Both were delicious so we ordered one of each. We also got free chips and salsa. I really wanted to order food but damn I was full. We had to stall because we were waiting for our country friend to figure her way from stadium skytrain to salsa. which took her about 45 minutes. oi. Even though we didn't really order anything and took up one of their tables, they never once rushed us and was always extremely kind and happy towards us. :D If only I had enough time for repeat restaurants (2 months left..)
Biking was fun, except I ended up with a lot of bruises because I don't know how to start a bike (what the hell is wrong with me).

So we had a crazy big foodie event at our house few weeks ago, a couple pics to show the food =)