Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wall Flower Modern Diner and Crave

Wallflower Modern Diner on Urbanspoon We went down to main st in search of something 'hearty' and 'filling'. The first restaurant I saw was Wall Flower and was it ever a good one to fufill wat we were craving. The menu featured food such as chicken pot pie, grandma's fried chicken, halibut and chips, turkey dinner. If this isn't hearty I don't know what is. I was on the edge of getting the turkey dinner, epitome of what a hearty meal is, when I settled for grandma's chicken instead. friend got the fish and chips. We also ordered a fruity cocktail to start. The food here is reasonably priced, with the most expensive dish to be around 14 bucks I believe.

The music selection was very random but my type of music =) Seating was good in a small room, and the walls were covered in flowers. pretty. The outside wasn't very eye catchin though. Almost missed the restaurant.

The fried chicken was okay, the mashed potatoes were very good. The fish and chips.. was just one piece of fish in a sea of fries. it was okay. I think I would like to come back.. cheap and filling.. what more can you ask for?

We headed down the road for some dessert. Passed a man peeing right onto a busy section of main street. .. ................... we went to Crave and had a pina colada cheesecake to share. The room was very quiet. but the service was good. The room was comfty and looked great for a date. the cheesecake was okay. I've had better though.. but I would love to come back for a meal =) I loved the bar area. It was small but I think it was very nicely set up.