Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Japanese (Shuraku, Sushiwa, Ebisu)

Sooo last friday what turned out to be a random hanging out in burnaby turned into going downtown just for shuraku for me . My friend was full from the crappy indian place nearby so we bussed it downtown so that he can sit there and watch me eat haha.

The room is very nice and upscale. We sat by the door, and everytime someone walked in, the door would cause a mini earthquake. it got really annoying. Since we sat in the front, I didn't get a great look at the main dining area, but it looked really nice.. from afar.. (but you know how it goes, hot from afar, far from hot.. sorry I shouldn't use the way I judge people to compare a room)

I ordered a sakura roll because it sounded really cool, it was around 11 bucks? My friend ordered a tea for 2.50 I think. It was just tea..

The roll was decribed as unagi rolls (I think) wrapped in pink something with corn on top and yam fries. How cool is that? It came, and it was sooo small but very very tasty each bite. I could taste evey flavor, but there was too much wasabi.. it got too spicy for my nose (that sounds weird but it was like "gong bei") the yam fries were really good. but damn 11 bucks for these tiny rolls? oii..

Throughout the semester, we made friends with some europeans and thought that we should take them to a good restaurant to let them see what vancouver has to offer.. We wanted to go to Guu but it was too busy, so we settled for Ebisu..... ... I personally wouldn't have chosen this because of 2 previous semi okay experiences but it turned out to be a good time nonetheless :)

We ordered the tiger mayo, chicken karrage, calamari, dynamite roll, beef sashimi, and a unagi combo. The tiger mayo was very good.. lightly battered with very big shrimps inside. The chicken karrage was a bit too big for me (the size of the pieces), the calamari was reallyyyy small! the beef sashimi was pretty good, lots of onions on the bottom though. The unagi was yummy too. The one thing I like about Ebisu are the drinks, they aren't too sweet and I can actually taste the alcohol (unlike guu). Although we had one food mixup, everything went rather smoothly. I think Ebisu is back in my good books again hahaha.

Or maybe it's because ordering without looking at the prices= better selections of food hahaha

I went back to the valley and went to a restaurant called Sushiwa. It is korean and japanese fare in a very small but homey feeling restaurant. The seating here is extremely uncomfortable because I am tiny and sitting in the booth is really uncomfortable (it's too high and too big). We ordered the bibambap, tiger roll (ebi+salmon with unagi inside), and yam tempura roll. The rolls were wayy too dry, it needed some sauces.. and the bi bam bap was adequate. The people here are very nice but I don't really like it..

Okay. next post: bo kong and bombay behl :)