Monday, September 29, 2008

Golden Phoenix

Before going home, we decided to try out Golden Phoenix for dimsum. They had some pretty different dimsums and I was feeling a little adventurous (ha..ha.. meaning no ha gow siu mai cha siu bao.. we always say it all together cuz they are the staple!) We had the dou miu ha gow (veggies+shrimp dumpling), there weren't enough dou miu but good. The drunken chicken (ok I am translating right from chinese so I don't even know if that's what it's called but juay gai).. I didn't eat it, but apparently it was quite bland. We had wu gok (my favorite) which was an absolute let down. Too much taro I think, making it very.. (tai lau? does that make sense?). Also had jee ma yong which were yummy, egg tarts (ok boring egg tarts but I got them because they didn't look very flakey and I like nonflakey eggtarts.. and yes I know that is not authentic :p). and oh ya this really random duck/chicken/taro wrapped in egg. This was pretty weird. I just ate everything separately.

Food came out really fast and there was always something around. It is relatively cheap and the service was pretty good too. If I were to have dimsum again, I'll probably be back :)

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