Monday, September 29, 2008

Yew York+ Abigail's Party

We went to Yew York and shared a chicken souvlaki wrap. We said no onions, and honestly 2 seconds after, she tells the cook to make a wrap and doesn't say no onions. Honestly, 2 . seconds. after. No one else was at the restaurant either, so how the hell is her memory THAT bad. Anyways, onions came in it. we were starving we just picked it off.

It was ok. the fries were tasteless and the wrap was meh. The place is really small and seating a little comfortable (in my opinion).

Abigail's Party on Urbanspoon After we headed to Abigail's party and I was super uncomfortable because my number one phobia is fruitflies/gnats flying around. There were about 2-3 that kept flying around us and I got so tense. ..
The place is really small and everyone seems to know each other. We had the duck confit quesadilla and it was soooooo grosss. I couldn't even eat it after 2 bites. It was just so salty and ughh ew. We wanted to leave really bad but we had this coupon that says get 1 menu item and the 2nd one is free. so we decided to get a dessert, since after all, it WILL be free right..

the dessert was o-k. nothing to rave about. The bill came and they said the coupon won't work because it was only for entree.. What the fuck? first it just says 1 MENU item and the 2 MENU item is free. So i pointed this out to her and she's like ya but they have to be around the same value and stuff.
um, we are asking you to take off the dessert, which is 7 dollars. Is that not actually beneficial for you instead of asking you to take of a main which is around 12-13 dollars? She didn't really make sense nor do I think she knew what she was talking about. But I honestly just wanted to get out of there and didn't feel like making a commotion

I was going to go to a sushi place after but I was pretty fuming, so went home instead.
Obviously I am never going to Abigail's Party again.