Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bogarts+Cactus Club+ Hakkasan

After class, I was starving so we went off to Bogarts and I ordered a steak. I rarely ever order steak just for myself (it's so meaty and usually really exp) so ya i was pretty freaking hungry. The steak was ok. I think they overseasoned a bit. The place was pretty empty and the food took quite a while to get out (or I was just extra impatient that day). The place wasn't memorable enough for me to want to come back...

I am not a fan of chain restaurants. Unless I was with a group of people or needing to get drunk, I don't usually venture to earls or milestones for dinner or a date.
Unforunately, I was starving and around Metrotown area with no where to go except chain places (Well I wanted to go to Kiss yo mama but I had no idea where it was). We ended up going to Cactus Club and I had the cajun chicken sandwich. I don't like Burgers because I find them kinda fatty and really difficult to eat. There's just so much filling inside a burger and so many calories. However, a sandwich just sounds a little healthier and better created. (I know, my connotation with sandwiches and burgers are weird but that's how i feel!) So when I got a burger, I wasn't very pleased. I ended up only eating half and taking the rest back for takeout.

The next day, I went to hakkasan in Richmond. It's around the industrial areas .. which is a bit weird for a restaurant! The place was nice and clean. The waitresses were all very friendly and courteous, but a little fake in my opinion. I just wanted to try the hakka burger (I know it's a burger) but the creative thing about this burger is that it uses steamed bun (man tou) instead of regular buns, and the filling inside is like unagi. So it was kinda cool. However, it was freaking HARD to eat! the bun soaked up the condiments inside so it made it reallyy soggy and then difficult to hold up and eat. Everything fell out AS I ate, so I had to discard my lettuce and tomato to make it work. I ended up eating it with a fork and chopsticks because it wasn't working with hands. It sure was tasty though.
We also ordered a chicken and rice which was SOOO salty.