Sunday, August 31, 2008


I've always wanted to try Wings but never been motivated to go because I've always heard such bad things about this place. Things from bad wings to medicore food to dumb waitresses.. Besides, this place is a little out of my way (alllll the way down granville.) Abby recently opened a new wings so I thought this is an opportune time to try it out. I mean the restaurant selection here kinda sucks: regular chain restaurants, apparently a really bad spaghetti factory, bad brunch restaurant 62, either AYCE or mediocore or shittay japanese joints (more below), dragonfort (no making fun of that one there. we know them.), and ..what.. apple betty? gross.

So for drinks, we ordered gin and tonic and bellini. my gin and tonic was way too sweet and the bellini was so gross. It was made by mix, and it was really really awful. We ordered wings: westcoaster and louisana. The WC were way too lemony and the louisana were way too sweet. Lovely.

For dessert, the menus made them sound soooo good so we ordered two. They looked exactly alike! except that the hugs and kisses one had brownie layers between the cheesecake. oi.

The service was ok, but I would not come back to it again. I want to give Blustone another try.

Last week after my class 5 (which I got yay) me and my father went to ken japan bistro for quick lunch before I headed back to burnaby. When I say quick, I actually meant slow. to the point I got sooo frustrated but I didn't even know how to express it because there was only one waitress, she was already running around, and I don't want to express my anger at a young asian fob girl. My father said it's still her fault because she's just slow . period. he thinks she was doing unneccesary things or didn't know how to prioritize the workload. Like she would be doing back of the house things (filling up kettles but not using them yet, or giving orders but there were already lots of orders there) instead of tending to customers needs first. I don't know, she's just slow. honestly FUCK.

We had the tonkatsu (ken japon style apparently) dragon rolls and alaska rolls. The rolls were ok. a little expensive for 5 pieces. (around 7.95-9.95) and the tonkatsu was soo gross. even my father thought so. The breading also came right off when we picked it up. Not only this, but the pork was fried so long it was so hard and chewy. gross. I keep saying even my father thinks so because he's so easy going and never finds a problem with anything. I mean he does, but he is usually forgiving or understanding or thinks everything tastes fine. Unlike me, I am really picky and nothing usually "wows" me.. so when I say even my father thinks so, then it's prettyyy bad

Obv I am never going back. I want to try Mars bistro by old abby. It's a small place, but it could be good..?