Tuesday, August 19, 2008

California pt 2

After gordon, we walked all the way back to hollywood which was a long ass walk. But it was nice to walk on Sunset Blvd

We went to a mexican place because we were really thirsty. It was called Loteria? I had free watermelon juice but it was really sweet for my liking. We shared a taquitoes as my "birthday cake". They were like spring rolls but they were yummy. The chips and salsa were very good too even though a little spicy for my liking.

That night we had dinner at Beso. the place is dark as hell, we saw people looking at their menu with the cellphone and one even brought a flashlight! HAHA.
I felt really rushed, but everyone else was pretty rushed as well. I had the grilled chicken (I wanted protein) and she had the scallops. The flatbread came WITH the food. grr. however, the flatbread was probably one of the best complimentary bread I've ever had. it was so delicious I ate it all. It kinda melted in my mouth yet crunchy at the same time. The taste was amazing too.

However, my chicken was just horrid. When it came I seriously thought there was a mistake. it looked like a freaking salad with tortilla. The chicken was so flat it looked like bread. the salad was bitter and gross (i think fennel?) the big hunk of random cheese on top of everything was just weird and gross. Every bite I had was torture. It was probably one of the worst choices of food I've ever done (I choose really bad too) I would rather have forked over more money for something much more enjoyable. I couldn't even finish half of it, and I tried to really hard because this restaurant is so nice. fuck.

We shared a "blackberry + peach cobbler" at the end. Cobbler my ass! it was a freaking muffin! Maybe a clafoutis. but definitely not a cobbler. Ugh .