Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tsui Woo Seafood Restuarant

This restaurant was surprisingly good and adequately priced. The service was efficient and food was very fast. We had the normal stuff: ha gow, siu mai, ham sui gok, beef cheung fun, mango pudding, egg tarts, bbq pork buns, and jung ju gai. (sorry I don't know most of the english names)

They all had good flavor and huge sizes (like the siu mai) the only complaint is that the jung ju gai and the siu mai lacked the ingredients like there wasn't a lot of chicken or filling in the jung ju gai and there wasn't any pork in the siu mai! it was mostly shrimp.

however the ham sui gok was very crispy. kudos.

I got bored and I didn't feel like studying so I photoshopped to make them prettier :)