Monday, August 4, 2008

Kalvin's Restaurant

hmm maybe I was sick or something.. I don't think so though...

so me and my family went to kalvin's restaurant on Victoria Dr today.. it's a really small place that serves taiwanese food. The waitress is efficient and nice but hard to understand because her canto was mandarin canto I dno if I can judge because my mandarin is canto mandarin.. haha.. anywayss

we had the onion pancake, three cups chicken, beef wrapped in pancake, fried pork and noodles, and xiao long bao.

Onion pancake was tasteless, beef wrapped was nothing special (my parents thought too much sweet sauce), pork and noodles was tasteless, three cups chicken (to me) was also tasteless but my parents thought it was TOO tasty (too much sauce). the xiao long bao were ok.

Everything tasted tasteless to me today! I don't know why, well apparently the onion pancake and noodles were tasteless and bland. I don't know, meh.