Tuesday, August 19, 2008

California pt 3

Oh i forgot to mention, after Madeo, we saw the paparazzi and they told us to have a good day :) I didn't realize they were the paps until a few blocks away :(:(

The last day, we went to Ketchup and had the 3some fries and I had the tuna melt sandwich. I thought it would be like tuna salad. WRONG. it was a big piece of tuna. I don't like tuna! :( so me and my friend swapped, I had her meatloaf sandwich. The bread isn't very good. so we just had the filling. Meh.
The fries were good though! I really liked the yam fries, they sprinkled cinnamon on top of it. Out of the 5 types of ketchup they gave, I liked the sweet/sour one most .

That night, we got back to Seattle and went to the Daily Grill.. It looks nice, but it seems like they are trying too hard.. I had the blackberry pork chop and my friend had the filet mignon. They both came with a huge ass piece of broccoli. I liked it, because I like broccoli, my friend didn't. The pork chop was done WAYY too much for my liking (and what I told them) and I was Stuffed after. The creme brulee we had was way too sweet.

The next day, we were so poor we had food court food at tullalup (we went outlet shopping even though the outlets sucked ass). I had sweet and sour pork with fried rice. It was adequate.