Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cactus Club+ Tapastree

Before going to California, we went to the test kitchen for cactus club (also in hopes to see our first local celeb- rob feenie which didn't happen :<) I had the calamari burger and she had the duck sandwich.

The calamari burger was disgusting. It was soggy and I was not a fan of the curry calamari. however the duck sandwich was very yummy. Very good taste starting from duck to bread to everything else

The place is nice, but please take the calamari burger off the menu.

That night we went to Tapastree for wine and dinner. The place inside is kinda stuffy. She described it as the non moving air which is also correct. We just had the lamb chops which were nothing special. The wine was nice. We wanted dessert but they were unimaginative and boring.