Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Garlic Bread+Figs

I made garlic bread yesterday. I sliced it in half and made two different versions: one being toasted, the other was soft. Both were absolutely delicious! But I prefered the soft one more because it was a little crispy yet soft in the middle, and I think it captured the garlic butter+parsley more so than the toasty one. This is the toasty pic. I also made fish (too much salt), blitz (too much cinnamon), and crab cakes (yummy). I don't know why I was in such a cooking mood yst.

My favorite fruit in the whole wide world is fig. My neighbor grows them and knows how much I love them and always bring them over for me. They were so nice and even planted a fig tree for us in our yard. Anyways, this years weather has been soo crappy that my indulgence for figs was never fulfilled :( Even so, I had a couple :) they are not very ripe but I couldn't resist! Honestly, I come home to the boring valley for figs. There's nothing else to do here.. what, pick berries/mushrooms? oi.