Monday, August 11, 2008

Bundt cake/chicken pizza

I went through a faze where I wanted to make a gazillion different cakes. I found 24 layers chocolate cake, black forest, a million variety of cheese cakes, princess cake! , etc etc cake recipes I wanted to try. One of the crazes I went through included pound cakes and bundt cakes. I loved the patterns and the way a glaze would look drizzled on top of them. mmmm. So I got a new bundt cake pan and got cookin. the pan was freaking HUGE (it cost about 50-60 dollars I think? aiya) so a normal cake recipe turned out to be 1/4 full in this pan!

I love to cook but I don't like eating my own creations (that sounds weird but i don't know how to explain. I guess I get satisfied by making it I don't need to eat it? it's like when I m hungry and I look at pretty food piccys online and I am fulfilled. People think I m crazy because usually ppl get hungrier and not fuller haha :P) and my parents don't like sweet things. and I feel weird when I get my friends to eat my cooking. So obv I m not gonna double/triple/even quadruple (this pan is MASSIVE) my recipe to cooperate with my pan.

This was an orange cake with a lemon glaze? the glaze didn't work as well as I hoped :( so you can't see it. The cake was too dense for my liking, not as fluffy and soft.. I think I added too much of something.. ohhh wellll.

Today for lunch/dinner I made pizza :) Actually it's a piece of chicken with loads of cheese mushroom and pizza sauce on top.
Even though I like to try out new recipes, I don't cook for myself daily. My daily eating plan is just: cereal, salad, and a TON of fruits and a piece of cookie. I am too lazy to cut things and wait for things to cook and wash the dishes afterrr haha. So I don't know why I decided to make this today (maybe it's because I m still procrastinating) but it took like 10 min max. Very fast and filling :)

I just realized the pic would probably like ten times better if the mushrooms were on TOP of the cheese. oh wells, cheese is pretty too

I am not posting until next week. after my exam I am jetting off to CALIFORNIA... when I come back there will be a lottttt of foodie pics :)