Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ho Yuen Kee

Ho Yuen Kee.. I've been here several times and have always left happy and full :). There is a variety of choices of tasty authentic chinese dishes that are served hot and fast. On top of that, this place is not expensive at all. excellent

I went here late one night for food because I was absolutely Starving (I don't usually eat after 6-7). We ordered Congee, wonton soup, salt and pepper spareribs, steamed eggs (dun dang), and beef tendon soup. Everything came super fast and they were all good. At first I thought the congee and spareribs were too salty but then they got yummier. I had 4 bowls of congee ! (even though they are small bowls that's a lot for me) and so many spareribs. They were not dry or super fatty but packed with flavor. The wonton soup wasn't that great (I don't like wonton soup though) but the dun dang was yummy. The bill came to 25! Cheap, fast, and delicious. This place is good, if only it weren't so far (fraser st).

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