Friday, August 1, 2008


I went shopping today and decided to venture on Kingsway for a bit.
We went to green basil first and shared a sweet and sour chicken with pineapple dish with rice, salad, spring roll, and soup for 6.95.
umm. It Seems like a good deal but I don't really think it was. It seemed like chinese fast food (sweet and sour pork?) from Manchuwok. It was fast, because I am sure everything was pre made already in the back. Probably works like manchuwok too. With pre made, and then scoop it with rice and soup and spring roll. So don't be decieved that this place is a 'restaurant" so 6.95 seems cheap and good! you can get the same dish and maybe more at Manchuwok!!

Then we went to Isami Sushi, the menu is so small... was definitely not impressed by the menu. We shared a spider roll that was really mushy inside. My friend said it was the rice, but I thought it was the crab. I don't kno. One thing's for sure though. 3.00 drinks? holy shit! If this place was on Granville or even just downtown, I'd be there predrinking every time.
Lastly we went to Abdul's BBQ for a shawarma. It is HUGE for 7 dollars! Lots of lamb and etc.. and apparently much much better than the ones at SFU. It was too spicy for me though.. and it was mild!

side note: i am addicted to nail polish right now.. that's navy blue but I am hoping to try light green soon :)