Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I reluctantly went to timbre today. haha no not really, but I wanted to stay home and finish a massive report, but my roommate was starving for food. We chose this closeby place. The place is very open and spacey, the waitress is really nice and the place is pretty chill. There were a lot of fruit flies again :S but this was better than abigail's because it was so open, so it wasn't as confined. Well everything was ok.. until.. the spider came down the web towards us, and started swinging like crazy from left to right from the wind :|

I ordered the bruschetta because I wasn't very hungry and she had the BLT. the bruschetta was surprisingly good. The bread was crispy yet soft and there were lots of tomatoes and cheese and etc on it. Apparently the BLT was pretty good too, I had the fries and they were delicious.

The only let down was that it was got SOO cold we were honestly shivering the entire time.

The food was good nonetheless! :) (and I don't say that quite often if you haven't realized from my other blog posts :P )

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