Monday, July 14, 2008


On my final day in Seattle, we decided to go somewhere close. Cactus is a mexican restaurant where a friend's friend raved about and told us to try. We went inside and the decor/ambience is really funky and cool. We sat outside since it was a beautiful day.. the patio isn't too big and all the tables are squished side by side.. I was stuck next to a big person and a table of children. ugh

Each table had chips & salsa. it must be really good here or something.. I just ordered the coconut crusted shrimps and my friend had the grilled skirt steak salad.

My shrimps were ok. nothing special.. I don't know whether it was worth 9 bucks or not though. My friend said the salad wasn't very good. Not just wasn't very good, it wasn't good period. I think she left a good 50% of it untouched.

I don't know if it was what we ordered (maybe more authentic mexican food would have been better) but we didn't have a very pleasant time.. Especially since I felt like I was sitting at a communal table. ugh.
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