Monday, July 14, 2008

Josephines + Pho Tan

My usual weekly dinner with my parents, we chose to go to Pin pin but it was closed! Super Happiness was next block so we went, I passed the back kitchen and was grossed out by the chicken hanging by the sink. We switched to Rekados closed, so we went to Josephine's. Inside, it was like a fast food place. you order and then you sit down and eat.

Everyone there was philipino. None of the servers were helpful, they were just there to take your orders. No one explained anything nor cared to help us out. We even asked one question 3 times and got this mumbled heavily accented answer that we didn't even understand. We ended up getting 2 fish dishes and the pork hocks.

The fish were "sang" (in canto) so I couldn't eat it. The pork hock was ok. My mother couldn't eat anything either. It was too gross.

So we ended up going to Pho Tan instead for Pho and Lemongrass chicken and lamb curry. Not really good, but so must fucking better than josephine's. fuck. I need to go with a flip friend to a flip restaurant but all my flip friends are so whitewashed. gah.