Monday, July 7, 2008


my brother is getting married (finally.. after 10 bloody years) which means I get to go back to Hk next year :) When I left, I was so happy and vowed never to return but I miss it now :(

We went for afternoon tea one day and had this platter of creme brulee, chocolate cake, and some apple strudel thing. There's this Afternoon tea at the Fish House in Stanley Park that I have to go to, they have three tiers of sandwiches, desserts, and finger foods. I actually did mean to go one time but we got lost in stanley park, got frustrated as hell and went to savory coast.

There's a bunch of dessert shops in HK. They sell various different desserts.. unlike Vancouver where it's just cakes and bubble tea.. if that counts. Anyways, this is grass jelly with mango at Tai Koo (where I grew up when I was little). People usually eat grass jelly with ice cream, since I don't like ice cream, mango is a great substitute :) The food court in Tai Koo is so cute. It's like different restaurants but they are open so it looks they are part of food court too. I don't kno, I remember eating at a tapas place and there was a hot pot place, and etc .. ahh I love tai koo :)

One night, my whole family was walking around hungry and we stumbled onto this japanese restaurant. They had spicy hotpot (i don't do spicy) so I had this japanese meal. It was pretty good, I ate everything I think.. except all of the udon (I don't eat a lot of udon/noodle person)
on New years Eve, we went to this portugese restaurant for dinner. I think this picture is beautiful. Everything looks delicious .

I don't remember too much from my trip to Hk (which was 2 years ago). I remember the individual hot pots I wanted to try, amazing different buns/pastries, and oh I remember there was a hello kitty restaurant, and everything was hello kitty like hahaha. Lots of dim sum and chinese dinners.

I can't wait to go back, even if it is a year from now!