Saturday, July 19, 2008


Friday night, me and two friends decided to go to Sanafir for dessert and drinks. I've attempted to come here a couple times but it never worked out. This place is so hard to find because there's absolutely no signs in the front (no clear ones anyways). just this bouncer door opener dude. The place was so packed. we had to wait quite awhile for our table so we had a shooter and then these free champagne cocktails. We finally got a table and our server was so cute, in a nerdy way. We got a dessert of everything. Unfortunately everything wasn't good, except two. The cheese was gross, the torte was dry, the creme brulee was bland, and the baked yogurt was forgettable. The fruit gyoza was so good, but it was the first thing I ate so I stuffed it into my mouth and it was gone too soon :( the baklava was ok too.
We also got another round of shooters with the server and then we left because it was getting too packed and creepy guys kept hitting on us, one right after the other. oi.