Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chambar+Memphis Blues

So for my friend's birthday, I decided to treat her to dinner We were both starving after class because I only had cereal and she only had milk the whole day... I took her to Chambar because I've heard such great reviews about this place. The waitor extensively explained and recommended things to the table next to us. However with us, he doesn't tell us anything or ask if we have any questions. .. Not only this, but he was quite non existent during out meal. UGH. The place is pretty nice, it reminded me of Plan B.

We went there and had the tortellini and mussels (since i've heard amazing reviews about the mussels. That they are so juicy and big and the soup is so good you have to get bread to lap it up).

The tortellini wasn't very good at all. It tasted like the tortellini I get from Safeway with a crunch to it. The duck and greens part made up for it though.. It wasn't worth the 15 dollars..
The mussels were not as amazing as I thought. They were really small and was nothing special. Even my friend agreed, and we eat quite a lot of mussels combined. Maybe it was an off day..
The soup wasn't crazy amazing either.

Then we shared the brie cheese dessert. It tasted kind of weird and apparently the strawberries were super sweet (I don't eat strawberries).. too sweet.

We also had 2 cocktails. I had the fresh figs and it wasn't very good. The table next to us thought the same as well.

We were super hungry when we left. So we headed over to Memphis Blues BBQ on Commercial Drive and shared a rib ends meal. It was not shabby for the price. I could have done without the sides though (didn't like any of them).

It's kinda disheartening that I didn't have a great time at Chambar (which I tried to like a lot). Maybe it was an off day, I don't know. but I don't think I'll be back for awhile. I do want to try cafe medina though. As for Memphis, I would like to try the pulled pork or ribs one day. Without the full meal combo dealio. Maybe the one on Broadway :) Only when I am craving meat and super hungry.