Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Havana + Diva

I hadn't seen a friend of mine in FOREVER. We went to Commercial Drive hoping for Tio Pepe Mexican Food but ended up at Havana instead (I couldn't find tio pepe..).
The place was packed with people, and we chose to sit inside. It was fucking boiling inside so we shared a pitched of champagne sangria. It was pretty good. We also shared some good yam fries. I had the jerk wings after and she had the chicken wrap. She liked her wrap, my jerk wings weren't very good. I think I didn't like the spices. The sangria was yummy but very nonalcoholic?

After we headed downtown to meet another friend to go to Diva (We wanted to go to Uva but we were too underdressed and we already messed up our stay at Diva the last time we went so it didn't matter.. long story short, we undertipped by ..a lotttttt. accidentally because we were so drunk). We shared the chocolate souffle cake, I really really didn't want to because I am not a huge fan of chocolate cake, or chocolate desserts (except chocolate bars). I really wanted to have the sifton cheesecake cuz I heard such good reviews about it but noooooo they all thought it would be shit blah. Oh well, I had my baileys on the rocks. I was all set. The cake wasn't very good, I ate more ice cream than the cake and I don't ever eat ice cream anyways! (I don't like it). I think they realized it wasn't very good either because we didn't eat much of it. shoulda listened to meeeee

I'd love to go back to Diva for dinner one day, the place is beautiful and heard such great reviews for it.