Monday, July 14, 2008


I needed to get away from Vancouver once again so we headed towards Seattle :)

We had brunch at Cutters. The eggs benny was ok but I don't like ham so the big piece of ham was too overwhelming for me. The potatoes were good though. The place has a beautiful beautiful view of the water.

We had the Crab Pot at night because I had read about it. We had the cove (I don't like crab) and it was ok. Nothing super special. Everything was pretty bland. Shrimp was way overcooked. The corn was really good though, because it was sweet.

We went to cheesecaek factory and shared a cookie dough peanut butter cheesecake. I wasn't too impressed. It was too hard for my liking. The place is really pretty though.

I also had a NYC style mini cheesecake at the Confectional. It was too soft for my liking. and a little expensive for 4 dollars each.

I was happy that the weather was very nice and the beach was beautiful.
I wasn't too happy that the shopping downtown sucks ass. I was very disappointed that there were only 3 stores that I liked out of all of them. I was also disappointed the food I had, nothing stood out very well.
Also, buses came every hour for the one we wanted which was really bad.. especially since the bus we took went downtown on 1st ave and stuff. I don't kno, maybe I am not used to it.
Even though we were only a couple hours away from Vancouver, there was definitely a noticeable difference. I don't know how to describe it. It was very american. Not only this, but I felt less safe in Seattle at night then I do in Vancouver. Given I might be a little bias because I know Van well enough to call it home and know no real danger will happen. (even though Hastings can get a little sketch) But there were a couple of almost fights in Seattle or sketchy people saying things that left me a little nerved.

Nonetheless it was a good change from Van yet I am glad to be back.