Sunday, July 20, 2008

Golden Swan Restaurant

I was looking around at some food bloggies and I couldn't believe how amazing their dim sum pics were. I have never taken a picture of dim sum I eat, because I eat it so much I really didn't think they were much of a visual. They always looked kinda gross and tasted adequate. But the blogs I was reading was describing how the sui mai meat was so tender and delicious and the har gow had a huge juicy shrimp inside blahblahbalhb. i was like dang, I am craving some dim sum now. Maybe they are just as good as people describe.

We decided to go to Golden Swan (weekly family lunch). It was SUPER busy but we got a table quickly. We ordered the usual, because there weren't THAT much stuff being pushed around. Sui mai, egg tarts, baked tapioca pudding, beef balls, wu gok (my fave), jung ju gai (rice wrapped in smth), and shrimp and eggplant. I would have gotten har gow and bbq pork buns but I never saw a cart with them :(

The sui mai, jung ju gai, beef balls, tapioca pudding were good, nothing special. Wu gok was disgustingly dry and tasted like it was old, and not fresh. the egg tarts were ok too, but i don't like it when it so flakey, but apparently that's how authentic egg tarts are spose to be (it's funny I used to not like them..but I am starting to not mind). the shrimp and eggplant was gross, but I am bias because I don't like shrimp.

The place was crazy loud. I felt like we were yelling the entire time to talk, as if we were arguing. gosh.

The food wasn't necessarily cheap either, it was around 3-4 dollars for medium-big plates (apparently nothing we ordered were small... ).

mm.. I've been to better dim sum..

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