Monday, July 21, 2008

Section (3) and Joeys

My friend from Victoria came out for an environmental conference, so we met up after to go to Section (3). I felt so bad because her feet were dying from heels and she didn't expect so much walking (from Westin Bayshore). oh well.

We shared a yam fries and prawn linguini. They were both not good. The yam fries reminded me of the ones I had at Hamilton Street Grill (which were the worst ones I've ever had). They were too dark on the outside and not soft enough inside. I don't know how to describe.

The linguini wasn't great. The prawns were over cooked and everything else was pretty plain.

The service was really nice though??

Then we went to joeys on burrard for dessert. We had the apple pie which was really good because I love apple pie :) It was good too because she found the apple pie to be too much so she ate the ice cream and i ate most of the pie :) yay. The ambience of joeys is really nice. I have yet to venture into the bathrooms of joeys (the one on broadway is freaking amazingg).