Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I needed a break from vancouver life so I jetted off to edmonton to visit my 2 bestests.
The first day, my friend (who doesn't really like dining out) took me to Dadeo. Post in another blog post

The next day, me and my other bestest went to The WildFlower Grill for brunch. They served cornbread mmm yum! it reminded me of 1st year when I bought cornbread muffins and put butter on it.. She had the french toast (which got really sweet) and I had the eggs benedict 2 ways. it came with delicious risotto and yogurt thing, one of the benedicts were good the other (the red sauce one) was disgusting. The desserts here looks absolutely AMAZING. but unfortunately we were too full of it :(

We went for calamari at earls for dinner (too salty) and these caramel apple chimis at Jungle Jims after. They were ok..

The next day we went to Packrat Louie for a lobster pizza. There were so many bugs around . gross. The pizza was full of onions and not enough lobster or mushrooms. gah, this place sucked

We got hungry after and shared a chicken gravy bowl at KFC, I haven't ate fast food in a Long time. It was ok. too much gravy

That night we went to Chop. The ambience was beautiful but the food was a miss (for me). the lamb was cooked too long for what I wanted/said and the potatoes were too buttery. The dessert was too sweet. However, the carribean rum cake was SOO good. Oh well, it only cost me 30 dollas.

You can find other Edmonton restaurants here