Friday, July 4, 2008


Today, we went to players chophouse for lunch. Inside, the place was really nice and spacey. We had the canadian pizza and seafood chowder. The bread came with the pizza at the same time. That was kinda gay because we were so hungry. The chowder tasted microwaved (my friend said, I didn't have it). the salad that came with it tasted weird. but the pizza wasn't that bad. I was sooo full after. The place is ..nice.. but it was a little uncomfortable. I don't know, it wasn't bad, it wasn't good. it was .. eh.

Then we went to Boulangerie la parisienne for raspberry cheesecake. I didn't like it. It was too moussy for me. The bottom is sponge cake which I don't like. The sandwiches didn't look very appealing either..

After we went to Yew for a drink. The place is beautiful. I love the high ceilings and open kitchens.I didn't feel like alcohol so I had this forget me not. Gross. The tea in the drink was horrible and my friend tried it as well. After we had a sip, we made a cringing face. It's not even like I m trying to, it's just the drink makes us make the face haha i don't know. She had a great long island iced tea which turned out to be 50 cents more than my gross non alcoholic drink. fuck.
I think I'll be back for food one day

all in all i spent 15 dollars yay :)