Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fets Bar And Grill

We went to Commercial Drive hoping for tio pepe but it was closed. We ended up goin to Fets Bar and Grill. I had the Dutch Harbor Benny (Crab cake+poached eggs... 2 of my fave things together, must be good!) and my friend had the chicken taco because she wanted some mexican food.

Food came, my eggs were poached fine, but there was soo much sauce and the crab cake was absolutely disgusting mush. The potatoes it came with were bland and oily. No taste watsoever.

The chicken taco was worse. It looked gross and tasted just as gross. I had a taste and it was really sweet.. my friend had one and couldn't have another. She doesn't complain about food a lot usually but she had to admit this was one of the worst times she had eating food in a long long time. (mine was josephines last week).

Both of ours cost 12 dollars, you can get a much more amazing eggs benny at Joe Fortes for 12.50. My friend was so hungry she went to Veras and had a burger after.

Please don't come here, the food was horrible, and the other menu items do not sound that appetizing either. Just go to Havana or Stellas nearby instead.

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