Sunday, August 24, 2008


I went to Tomo today at east broadway and the service was pretty bad. she's very non responsive and slow, never cracks a smile, nor does really anything! I tried to be friendly and smile and be super nice and she was just a robot (and this is coming from me- ice queen herself.. long story). The place was dead empty and it was like around 1pm. Whatever so we ordered unagi don, chirashi don, ebi mayo, salmon mango roll, and chicken yaki soba.
everything was forgettable, only the roll was good..but this is because it was a simple cali roll with mango/salmon on top- which in my book, makes any roll good. Aiya. I am never coming back here again. a couple years ago, these people we know from the states came to vancouver and said specifically they had to go to Tomo because it was highly praised. really???

I was still tad hungry afterwards so I got a bbq chicken viet sub from Carolina Deli next door. This is because I am very curious to what a viet sub tastes like. and I must say, I am a fan! even with the hot sauce on it, it was very good! I think it was the crispiness of the french bread mmmm.

That night my parents wanted to go to Tsim Chai Noodles in Richmond (obv stopped by the public market to get some che lung bao :P) they had the wonton soup and beef noodles. I sat there because I was too full from the che lung bao. haha. they said the place gone downhill since the last time they were there (a year ago?) I wish I could recommend where to get good noodles and wontons but I never eat this stuff.. aiya. the only thing I can probably give my two cents is cheesecake.. haha