Tuesday, August 19, 2008

California pt 3

The next day we went to AMMO for breakfast. The place was very clean and fast! I had the eggs with potatoes and chicken. She had the waffle. they were plain breakfast food. Nothing special. Well, the sausages were apple+chicken so they had a sweet taste to it. It was..different.

We went to Beverly Hills afterwards and Rodeo Drive. We went to Luxe cafe but unforuntately they were having power problems so they couldn't Cook anything. We walked all the way to Madeo afterwards. Funny, people thought we lived in beverly hills and asked us for directions :D
Madeo was small and reminded me of a boat. The bread was gross. and the people RUSHED us. my friend wanted to order a glass of wine and he took our menus and left before she could say anything. I had the veal stuffed ravioli in walnut sauce. It looked like PUKE. the first bite was ok but they it got gross. and NOT worth it. We finished dinner in HALF AN HOUR. wtf. Even in Van, i've never finished a dinner in 30 min. That's how rushed it was for us.

We walked back to Beverly Hills (we like walking.) and had dessert at Spago. The place is Beautiful. It is very open, spacious, and the outdoors courtyard looked enjoyable. We had 2 desserts- the peach cobbler and cookies. The cobbler was delicious! I loved how they had it baked and removed it from the pot in front of us. The cookies were ok. Nothing special. We got complimentary wine which was absolutely alcoholic. oi. I would definitely go back for food if I could!