Saturday, August 2, 2008

Water St Cafe

I went to water st cafe for dessert yesterday. The place is really cute and small. Everyone seems super nice and etc.. The dessert was pretty good. We had the apple and rhubarb baked in filo pastry with ice cream. The only downside was the apples were super sour. We also had long island iced teas. yum.

We went to Guu after and i love the ambience inside. I wish I was jap so I'd understand. Chinese people are no fun :( jk. We had these crazy cocktails but they were so freaking sweet. They were only ranked 3 on sweetness too. oi. So since it was tequila shooter night, we got 2 each to spice up our drink. haha.. maybe 1 would have been ok cuz it was really really strong after.
My other friend had a mojito that she didn't finish because it was really disgusting. well, all mojitos are disgusting imo.
We also shared the pop corn ribs.. meh.