Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gloucester Cafe

When I was a kid, I absolutely ADORED Gloucester Cafe on Cambie. I would come here with my parents all the time for baked pork chop with rice. mmm. It was probably one of the more cleaner hk cafes in vancouver and thats always good in my books.

I went through a phase where I hated hk/chinese dishes but now that I have regained my appreciation for my own country's food, I was happy to go back to gloucester after many many years.

The waitresses were super friendly and talkative. There were many food choices ranging from 6 dollars to 32 (those were the combo deluxe dinners I think). Many of the dishes came with a free hot beverage (your usual hk fare drinks).

We had the laksa with chicken, stir fried noodles, and pork chop with rice :) . Everything was adequate and decent and came out pretty fast. I haven't been to any hk cafes in van that can compare to the ones from hk (obviously.) but gloucester is pretty decent. It's more westernized than other ones, and it's not as good as I remembered from my childhood, but the dishes are still ok :)

Off topic: Next door is Spices, I can't wait to check that one out! and across the street is Dadeos, I wonder if it's exactly like the one from Edmonton

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