Friday, October 10, 2008


After going to Gloucester Cafe a few weeks back, I noticed Spices next door. It is a tiny viet restaurant ran by family. The decor is beautiful for a vietnamese restaurant. The little pepper lights hanging down the ceiling with the red walls give off a very cozy ambience.
There is only one woman working the front and one man in the back. Even so, they are super efficient! Food came out relatively fast (except dessert which was understandable) and she was always hustling and bustling around helping everyone.

We just wanted to try a little bit of everything so We ordered a combo, beef pho, lemongrass chicken wings, chicken pot rice, and deep fried banana+ice cream. The combo consisted of 1 sugarcane shrimp, vermicelli, spring roll, and viet spring roll, and beef brochette. Everything was just o-k, nothing really stood out for me. The beef pho seemed to be lacking beef but it was pretty big. Afterwards, I felt thirsty from the MSG. The chicken pot rice sounds Chinese but there were some vietnamese influence. It was worth the money. The chicken wings were crispy but I prefer the ones from phnom penh more. Lastly the deep fried banana ice cream was adequate.

She was so nice and helped us decide on what to order. We also told her we parked in the back so when we left, she told us to walk through the kitchen so we didn't have to walk the whole way around. The kitchen was relatively clean and the one chef was very nice as well. Even though I think everything was just adequate, I think I'll probably be back again because the service/ambience was so lovely :) I would love to try those viet subs at lunchtime one day

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