Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Billy's Steakhouse

Me and my two best friends haven't gone out and dined in such a long time. We used to go downtown so much but it's been a chaotic month with school and midterms/assignments/papers. Tonight we had plans on going to Sfinaki on Hastings but they were abruptly demolished when the bus stopped from a pretty brutal looking car crash. Being a nice civilian, the bus driver got out and began helping and told all of us to take the next bus that was coming within minutes. Being such a good samaratan, he should at least moved the bus maybe to an off road. The roads there are already filled with lots of traffic, with the added crash and the long bus, they were even more conjested. My friends were dying of hunger and were eyeing socrates/little billy's that was a block down. I didn't want to go to socrates again because I had been once, so I agreed on little billy's

Inside, it is very small yet very cozy. Everyone seems to know each other and they seemed pretty booked. Nonetheless they gave us a table and we ordered a few dishes. We shared a lamb chops while my vegetarian friend had the mac and cheese. I don't like mac and cheese but apparently it was very good. The lamb chops were pretty yummy, so was the rice. The bread was not and neither were the potatoes (too lemony) the vegetables seemed really old too.

The manager seemed very outgoing and apparently went to every table and asked them about their dinners, cept ours. We were pretty pissed. Just because we are 3 teenage/young adult girls doesn't mean we are not supposed to be here. A little "how was dinner tonight?" would be fine. We were paying and honestly he was just standing there behind us and it got a little awkward too.

Whatever, the place is super close to us and we had a satisfying meal tonight.

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