Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Plan B

We were craving some dessert and wine on a Monday night so we decided to try out Plan B (since they had half off wine specials). I've been here once before and i thoroughly enjoyed everything and planned on coming again.. This time, I definitely do not have the same sentiments.

We arrive and the service was super nice and happy so we thought excellent this will be a good night. We sat down and ordered a bottle of riesling and a sablefish plate. The whole menu is designed so everything are "share plates". Sablefish for 15 bucks, we thought this will be a good (esp since it's a pain to cook fish in our apt b/c of bad ventilation :( ). we patiently waited for our food, drinking our delicious wine.. getting hungrier by the minute... Then she comes over and tells us she forgot to put the order in for the fish, and didn't realize until after she asked the kitchen where the fish was.. omg. The place wasn't busy and you forgot ONE order. I actually started getting hunger pains and felt weak (I hadn't eaten much the whole day). The sablefish comes and it's this dinky thing meant to be shared??? we each took 2 bites and it was done. The foam thing is just weird and the panna cotta/sablefish tasted off. Needless to say, we hated this and I was still starving.

So we ordered fries which came out MUCH faster. I did not like the seasoning on it, but I had to stuff my face because really bad hunger pains.

Lastly, we ordered the stilton cheesecake which was delicious but so freaking small. The rhubarb was super sour though. Towards the end of the night, we never saw her and she never came over to ask us how everything was. I couldn't even finish my wine because my stomach needed food, not alcohol. and I didn't feel like ordering another 15 dollar weird ass thing that would not fulfill my appetite.

I was still weak and had to get a burger from mcdonalds, that 4 dollar mcchicken was better than the whole 45 dollar meal combined.

No.. we are not coming back again.

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