Monday, October 13, 2008


Rekados is this contemporary philipino restaurant on Main street. The parking here is an absolute dread but the restaurant itself has pretty colors and very friendly waitresses. They would say the name of the dish they were giving us, then pause and smile as if to wait for us to ooh and ahh at the food they were presenting to us. After every thank you, there would be a very happy you're welcome :) in response.

We ordered a salad thing, tilapia, pork hocks, and mussels. All the dishes looked so nice. The tilapia was pretty good, so was the pork hocks, the mussels had a really good sauce to go with the rice but the salad thing was really really gross. For dessert, we ordered the creme caramel and toffee cake but they were just adequate.. We could have gone without.

The place filled up really quickly with many philipino families, so that's good to see (like seeing koreans at korean restaurants, chinese at dim sum restaurants, etc). The drinks looked beautiful and many tables had hot pots. We should have ordered one..

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