Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Reminscing about my childhood days, I remember going to the Bavaria and eating steak and lobster. (to have one of these as a childhood memory was basically foreshadow that I would eventually take pictures and blog about food). The place was always so dim and old but their food was reasonably priced and delicious. I hadn't been back in about 10-12 years but I had a coupon so we decided to go here one night.
They renovated the whole place to look more trendy and upscale, even with the hobos sitting outside on their bench drinking.
The service was a little snooty seeing us two teenage girls as opposed to their regular older, you-can-tell-they-have-money type of customers. Nonetheless, we got seated prompty even amidst all the reserved sign on nearly all the tables. We were served a "goulash" with bread in the beginning. The 'goulash' tasted microwaved chunkys. ew.
We ordered a calamari dinner and baby back ribs.
The ribs were too tender (maybe to cater to their older older crowd which occupied many of the tables). and the calamari were nicely fried but the tzatiki was really bland.
As we were eating, we saw some teenager with a skateboard coming in and going to the kitchen. I didn't need to see that the 'chef' preparing my food tonight would be younger than me.

I don't think I'll be back, I would rather like to hold onto my old memories and look back on it instead of dabbing into them in the present. Don't change what's already good right ?