Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bistrot Pastis + Noodle Box + Picnic

Bistro Pastis on Urbanspoon We decided to have brunch at this French Restaurant today. It was a very small restaurant which gave off a very cozy and warm vibe. or maybe it was the fireplace I noticed mixed with the warm tone color of the walls. Anyways, I loved it

I had the salmon eggs benny and my friend had the eggs and ham crepe with fries. The eggs were poached perfectly. but the english muffin was a little too tough for my liking. The ham and eggs crepe was apparently good, but it lacked color for a poor presentation (haha minor detail). The food here was adequate. I am still hooked on the ambience of the place. so pretty. The only little downside was the slow service. Maybe it was because they didn't want to rush us (which is a good thing) but we were putting on our jackets, took out our wallets, and looked at her dead in the eyes, and she just walked off.. Oh well, it is a minor downside. I really like this place, I'll probably be back :)

Afterwards we went to Noodle Box and shared a Kids box haha. My friend in victoria always goes to the Noodle Box and calls me while she decided on which noodles she wanted. The place was jam packed with a consistent flow of people. The kid's box contains egg noodles with veggies and supposed "light" soya sauce. I found it to be way too salty and couldn't eat after two bites. I thought it was another personal preference since I practically cut out salt from my life, but my friend found it to be too salty as well. oh well.

Picnic on UrbanspoonFor dessert, we headed to granville to Picnic which is next to (or attached to) Meinhardt Fine Foods. We shared a raspberry cheesecake. Upon inspection, there was a rather bruised raspberry that looked off. It was mold! so we took it off, and there was mold on the cheesecake! gross. We got a new one that was mold free. but dang, if one was like that.. how long do they keep them out for .. :|

The cheesecake was pretty yummy but well, I like anything cheesecake :) Inside looked like a cafeteria. I guess it would be a good place to grab a quick lunch.. but still, the mold we found kinda turned me off from this place.