Wednesday, October 29, 2008


One of the restaurants that is on my go to list is Vij's. Too bad it wasn't open when we were walking on Granville so we settled for its more casual sister restaurant Rangoli. It looked super busy but we quickly got a table because an older couple decided to take off from the noise level. since we were still young and hip we could take the noise (ha. sorry. I actaully sometimes gets headaches when I walk into Aritzia or Sirens.. music so crazy).

The menu was short and simple, we ordered a jackfruit curry with goat meat to share because it sounded the most unique and very delicious. Coconut salad? Jackfruit Curry? How can you go wrong! Everyone's dish came out and they looked so cute as well. The curry+rice was pretty good. The jackfruit turned out tasteless and having a weird texture.. We had the toughest time deciphering what this was.. I thought it was boiled cabbage. The coconut salad had no coconut taste.. what a downer. And the naan bread were kinda soggy, greasy?

I think the reason I like this restaurant is because of the presentation of the food and reputation of this place, which is not a good way of evaluating a restaurant. but my pretentious side is sold. I still prefer Bombay Bhel best. and Himalayan Peak worst (UGH@$&^@$*&)

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