Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kishu Sky

omgosh I haven't had Japanese in such a long time and I have been craving it like crazy! We passed by Kishu Sky on W 1st so we went in for some quick sushi rolls. They have enticing pictures on the side as we walked in so we already knew what we wanted. The rolls were very cheap.. about 4.95-7.95 I think. We ordered the Mango and the caterpillar. They came pretty fast

The mango one was yummy, because the mango slice was very sweet. The Caterpillar one wasn't very good. You can tell the avocado has gone border line bad but they tried to cover it up with a shitload of sesame seeds. The rolls themselves were not very stuffed, The ingredients inside were very scarce. The eel inside the caterpillar roll was very very dry.

I think the people that own the place were vietnamese. Weird, I've never seen vietnamese people own a sushi restaurant. They also have a happy hour which is 40% off after 7 pm. wow, almost 50% off!