Monday, October 27, 2008

Ouisi Bistro

I just found a super easy way of getting to Kitsilano. Before, I thought I had to transfer wayy too many times so I just stuck with downtown vancouver and never even thought about dabbling towards the yuppie side. Wait yaletown is pretty yuppie too.. I take it back then, sorta not really.

We walked on granville and was about to be tempted by primo's mexican on w 12th but decided on new orleans instead at Ouisi Bistro. They were jam packed with people so we opted for sitting at the bar. I've never sat at the bar for dinner before, I never know how to feel with having someone standing right there as I ate, but I guess it wasn't so bad.

It was pretty dark inside but there was a jazzy vibe with it all, that was quite enjoyable. I ordered the jambalaya and my friend ordered the duck gumbo. I've heard of these two dishes soo many times (especially in disneyland.. felt like every restaurant served it..along with churros). I've never had them nor seen them so I thought this would be a good time to try somethingnew.

Our food came and apparently the duck gumbo was absolutely delicious. The Jambalaya ok until the spiciness began to kick in. I guess I should have known better that cajun spices and jambalayas are normally spicy. I have a super low spice tolerance level and my mouth felt like it was on fire. damn.

I took it to go and I offered it to a homeless, which turned it down. So I gave it to another "homeless", to which afterwards my friend told me wasn't one. shit. well he accepted it!

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