Monday, October 20, 2008

Red Star Restaurant

I remember in Hong Kong, we'd always go to may sum with my grandparents and relatives on saturday mornings. We'd get the usual ha gow siu mai cha siu bao. Nothing can beat that!

My parents are leaving for hong kong for a month (jealous) so we had lunch before they left. My father loves banh mi(?), those vietnamese subs so we were going to go au petit cafe but there was a lineup outside. dang. So we went to Red Star for good ol dimsum... even though they were most likely going to endure much better dim sum for the next 4 weeks.. hah. Maybe we should have went to .. [fill in the blank with something vancouver has that hk doesn't] .. ... milestones..? I don't know . anyways..

I wanted to be adventurous today since every time I go to dimsum, I order the usual things and never try anything different. Aside from some staples (I must have my siu mai and jung joo gai), I decided to pick absolutely random things. After testing out my chinese skills on the all chinese ordering sheet, I thought I did pretty damn well until the waitor brought over some 3 bowls of rice and cha siu (bbq pork). oh fuck, did I accidentally mistaken the daikon cakes for rice and pork. no no, he brought it to the wrong table. phewf!

The next thing comes and it's this bowl of gray goop. this time, I did mistaken the daikon cakes.. for.. well.. daikon cakes. I wanted to order pan fried daikon cakes, but instead I got freaking steamed. It tasted like goop but oh well, divided by three people, it was only two quick bites :)

We ordered this dumpling that has a shitload of stuff inside. Apparently it's really hard to make because soup is inside the dumpling (uh.. reminiscient of siu long bao? apparently it's different and harder than those). Anyways, there's like mushroom, shrimp, shark fin, gone yiu choo in this dumpling. The sharkfin wasn't like small either, it was a huge piece. I think it was real..

We ordered pan fried daikon strips/prawn cake things, ma lai gao with wu tou in between each layer, Chinese doughnut in rice rolls (not new but yummy), and desserts. I got yeung chee gum lo (this grapefruit/pomelo/mango/sago dessert) which was too sweet for me,dou fu fa (yummy), and these shark mold things with leen yong inside. ok I THINK it's leen yong anyways, It's in those dessert buns you get after Chinese dinners, I don't know.

So at the end, it cost around the same as a place like sun sui wah. It's kind of out of the way, so I don't think I'd come back..

Next door is this bakery called La Patisserie. they sell individual slices of cakes but instead of the same old mango, chocolate, strawberry, mousse, cakes, they sell coconut/lychee/pomelo/etc cakes. They were .50 cents more than the ones from T&T but I think they are worth it! I got the coconut mango with black rice, black forest [my fave], and mango/pomelo cake. They were all so different and delicious! Except black forest.. that was a downer because instead of real cherries, they used jelly.. yuck

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