Monday, October 6, 2008

Seoul Doogbaegi

When people say korean food, I automatically think about korean bbq. That was basically what I thought all koreans ate (and kimchi and rice) up till a year ago when I ventured into a korean restaurant in koreatown (end of robson) and ate a disgusting seafood pancake. This is also a pretty ignorant comment since my best friend for like 8 years and counting is korean...but she's practically white like me. and it doesn't really help when another good korean friend of mine always answers me he is eating korean bbq whenever I ask him what he is eating for dinner.

Anyways, tonight before going back to school, me and my family decided to try a real authentic korean restaurant. After the disaster at Joesphines, I was a little weary about going into a restaurant where chinese/english was not the predominant language. Nonetheless, I've seen all these pictures of the rice in a clay pot with an egg on top and I really wanted to try it (bi bam bap)

The restaurant is simple with beautiful food pictures all around the room. Everyone was korean ranging from young to old. There was only one server who did basically everything (besides cooking).. she was pretty efficient I must say.

We ordered bi bam bap, chicken ginseng soup, and bbq beef. The little side dishes came and the potatoes were delicious! omgosh I ate all of it within a minutes. They were so tender with a subtle sweetness to it. yummy.

The bi bam bap came with a soup first. Then she whisks my empty potato bowl and goes off to help other customers. The bi bam bap was pretty bland and I love it that way. I basically cut out salt from my life (when I can control it) and I don't really use any dip sauces in anything (Soy, hot, etc) so my taste has been towards blander things. After mixing the egg yolk into the rice and veggies, it was so delicious I could have eaten the whole thing.

She quickly comes back with the bbq beef and another delicious bowl of potatoes! :) I didn't even have to ask her and she just got it. how nice. The bbq beef was a little too saucy for me.

Then the ginseng chicken soup came. it wasn't very authentic apparently and the inside of the chicken was ice cold. well, at least she apologized, took it back and reheated it...
Although I don't think I'll be coming back here.. I enjoyed the bi bam bap and potatoes :)

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